Update on current Land Use Code revision and Feb 28th hearing

Good news!

On February 7th the County Commissioners held their regular meeting. One important outcome of the meeting was that Commissioner Suppes stated that they will not pass the Planning Commission’s proposed land use code revision as it currently stands. As quoted from the meeting minutes: “Commissioner Suppes added that if it [the land use code revision] was what they saw last time he can assure… it will be remanded [voted down] again.”

Commissioner Don Suppes further clarified in the same meeting, that this stance was the result of the tremendous community response and issues which have been brought forward concerning the land use code revision proposal.

The Commissioners need to continue to receive clear support to follow through and vote down the 2023 draft Land Use Code Revision in its current form, in order for the issues to be addressed.

February 28th is the scheduled upcoming hearing for public input and for the County Commissioners to vote on whether this version of the land use code revision will be adopted. It is critically important for the Commissioners to hear from residents of Delta County at this hearing. An auditorium has been booked for this meeting and a large number of county residents are expected to attend and voice their input. Each person is likely to have only 3 minutes to speak, so it is recommended to have notes and prepared comments.

Meeting details:

Date: February 28th

Time: 4:30pm to 7:30pm

Location: 822 Grand Ave., Delta, Colorado

NOTE: this hearing will be available to watch on zoom, but public comments via zoom will NOT be allowed.  You must attend the hearing in person to make comments to the commissioners.

We encourage concerned community members to educate themselves on how the proposed code will affect you, contribute constructive feedback to the county at the hearing, and attend even if you don’t plan to speak in order to show the Commissioners that this topic is important to you.

For information on specific major issues identified in the code or examples of how the proposed 2023 LUC revision might affect you, your property, business, or farm, visit our Issues Page.