Seeking Community Input On Changes To Currently Allowed-By-Right Land Uses

Delta County Commissioners are seeking input from the public and stakeholders regarding possible additional regulations that would have far reaching impacts on the economy and way of life in Delta County.

Commissioners are currently reviewing proposals which would change the following uses from Allowed-By-Right to instead require Limited Use Permits:

  • Events, one time events, private events, event centers
  • Additional dwellings (not ADUs, but additional houses on a property eg. cabins, mother in law units, housing for kids or grandparents, affordable housing, farmworker housing etc)
  • Veterinarians
  • Community gathering spaces like granges and wedding venues
  • Duplexes (part of affordable housing)
  • Short term rentals that have more than 4 total rooms.  

The existing 2021 Land Use Code rules on page 33, in table 2B, currently designate these activities as Allowed-By-Right.  

Leading up to the February public hearing, there was a large amount of public input to the County Commissioners asking that the uses designated Allowed-By-Right in the 2021 code remain allowed-by-right.  During the development of the 2021 code, the county heavily promoted the allowed-by-right designations to protect residents property rights and property freedoms as part of the 2021 code.  

The public and stakeholders that would be affected by these changes are encouraged to contact the Board of County Commissioners right away with input on these proposed changes from Allowed-By-Right to Limited Use Permits.

Please take a few minutes today to write to the County Commissioners to let them know your thoughts on these proposed changes.  

Commissioner contact info: “Mike Lane” <>, “Don Suppes” <>, “Wendell Koontz” <>

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