Positive Progress for Community Involvement

Over 400 people reportedly attended the February 28, 2023 hearing in person and an additional 75 or more attended remotely on Zoom. The overwhelming majority asked that the draft revision developed by the Planning commission be rejected by the Board of County Commissioners and that a Land Use Code more appropriate for Delta County be pursued instead.

The DCC presented numerous specific issues with the draft code at the hearing including quotes and citations.  Click here If you would like to review our specific issues and proposed changes document which we submitted at the hearing.  The commissioners, after more than 4 hours of public comment, voted to REJECT the proposed Land Use Code revision under review.  A link to the recording of the hearing will be provided on the Resources Page once it becomes available.

We are excited to announce that DCC made the news after this meeting!  The recent Article on High Country Shopper about the public hearing goes into great detail about the Delta County Coalition (DCC) and several of our recommended changes to the LUC update proposal.

The commissioners are now in the process of creating a new draft update to the Land Use Code.  It is our understanding that they are working with a redline document based on the LUC update that was rejected at the February 28th hearing, which shows the changes from the current 2021 code.  They will be reviewing the changes in their regular work session meetings to decide on what is incorporated into the new draft and what other changes should be made.

On request, DCC was provided a copy of the current redline working document, which we have posted on the Resources Page.  We are in the process of reviewing it and we will be creating an updated recommended changes document in the coming days, which we will submit to the county and post here on the website.