Planning Commission Rejects LUC Draft

On November 22, 2023, the Delta County Board of County Commissioners sent a draft of the Land Use Code to the 12 member Planning Commission for 30 day final review.  The Delta County Planning Commission voted to reject the draft on December 13th.  Staff recommendations had included updating the zoning maps to reflect changes to the draft Land Use Code, updating the agreements with the local towns and municipalities, and several other important topics.  These staff recommendations were not approved by the Planning Commission when they voted to disapprove the draft code.

The Board of County Commissioners can override the Planning Commission and pass the draft code following a public hearing by majority vote of the County Commissioners.  However, any changes to the current draft, presumably including the staff recommendations, would need to be reviewed again by the Planning Commission for 30 days prior to the document going back to the County Commissioners for a final public hearing. 

The county has not made an official announcement regarding next steps with the Land Use Code.  The agenda for the January 2nd, 2024 BoCC regular meeting included a closed-door executive session on this topic.

The next Board of County Commissioners Land Use Code work session is scheduled for January 10th, at 8:30am.  This work session will not be available on zoom and will be in-person attendance only.

The Commissioners stated at a public meeting in October 2023 that they would plan to book the same large venue for the next public hearing, tentatively scheduled for mid January, but no official date has been scheduled yet.

Over the last 9 months the DCC has worked hard with the county to address issues of public concern with the Land Use Code.  While much progress was made and many issues addressed, there remain a number of critical concerns.  DCC is asking the commissioners to take more time to draft the code and get it right.  Please visit for an overview of these concerns, to review the latest draft of the LUC, to share your concerns, or to contact the DCC. 

The County Commissioners are still accepting public input. We encourage constructive input with respect to Land Use Code and other BOCC related topics and have added a County contacts page for your convenience.

Three seats on the 12 member Planning Commission are open to applications and up for reappointment.  If you are interested, the typical procedure to apply is to send a short letter to the county planning director.  Deadline for applying has not been announced, but is usually mid January each year, with appointments made at the end of January.  Contact the planning director at 970.874.2110 for more information and also to apply.