Planning Commission Meeting – December 13th, 2023

Over the last several months DCC has been actively and diligently meeting with Delta County Board of County Commissioners, other county officials, and residents to try to ensure the Land Use Code update is representative and considerate of the needs and lives of citizens of Delta County.

Where are we in the Land Use Code (LUC) update process?

The Planning Commission has a public hearing scheduled for December 13, 2023 at 5:30 PM, County Commissioner’s Meeting Room, 560 Dodge St., Delta, CO 81416


*No zoom link listed in the agenda, contact the Planning Department for inquiries regarding zoom. 

The Board of County Commissioners sent the final draft of the LUC to the planning commission for a 30 day final review on Nov 22nd, 2023.  The upcoming December 13th Planning Commission meeting lists in the agenda that it is a public hearing.  Public hearings must allow public input under Colorado open meeting statutes.  After the 30 day review and possible recommendations by the Planning Commission, The Board of County Commissioners states that they may choose to accept or reject the Planning Commission input, before setting a final public hearing for review of the final draft.

Delta County Coalition has identified several potential concerns in the current draft of the Land Use Code update. Many of our DCC and community suggestions have been implemented in the draft and we would like to thank the Board of County Commissioners and county staff for meeting with the DCC to work on community concerns with the Land Use Code. 

There do remain many important unresolved topics in the draft Land Use Code that are still of great concern for many of our members and county residents.

The latest details on these issues and recommended remedies can be found in the PDF linked at the top of DCC’s Issues Page.

Some of the most notable topics of community concern include:

  • Additional Residences and dozens of other uses were previously designated as “Allowed-By-Right” (A), but have been changed to Limited (L).
  • Farmworker Housing was previously designated as Allowed-By-Right but is now classed as Limited.
  • Event restrictions in the current update draft are quite a bit more restrictive than previous versions of the LUC and are contrary to many of the assurances made by the county to the public during the process.
  • Drones are still allowed for land use surveillance by county officials under the draft LUC (it is actually silent on the topic, allowing their use) despite assurance no drones would be used or only with landowner permission.
  • Permitted (P) designation has been removed from the draft and all uses have been designated Allowed, Limited or Conditional.  The parameters for Limited have been relaxed somewhat but are not as clear cut especially regarding costly engineered studies.
  • To see additional topics please visit DCC’s Issues Page.

We encourage anyone who has concerns about these issues or wants to become more informed on this process to attend the December 13th Planning Commission meeting and subsequent public meetings.