Area Planning Commissions

DCC has presented proposals to the county representatives for implementing Area Planning Commissions (APCs) since January 2023.  APCs were in place in Delta County for over 2 decades until just before the passage of the 2021 LUC.  The APCs benefited the county and residents by:

  • Facilitating neighborhood meetings that allowed for neighbor’s questions to be answered in a low pressure environment
  • Facilitated and allowed time for some mediation and civil problem solving amongst neighbors that often avoided larger conflict or litigation later
  • Educated participants on the regulations, requirements, and proposed use or development
  • Brought localized expertise and understanding to the planning process with APC members that better knew and understood specific neighborhoods and areas
  • Helped avoid litigation in and with the county, resolving many conflicts and addressing concerns in advance before official hearings
  • Often reduced the time for many projects spent in front of the main Planning Commission in order to address all questions, details and concerns, from 2 or 3 hearings to only a single hearing

The DCC has been working with the county to explore APCs that may be considered for inclusion in the LUC.  Please contact the DCC with any input or questions regarding APCs.  If you support the APC concept, please consider contacting the commissioners with an email supporting the concept.