Additional Residences allowed-by-right now to require Limited Use Permits?

    During the March 22nd Board of County Commissioners Land Use Code Work Session Meeting, the BoCC proposed changing the designation in table 2B of the Land Use Code for additional dwellings on a piece of property from allowed-by-right, as it is currently designated, to a more strict and potentially costly Limited Use Permit (which could also be denied). This proposed change would impact the following uses:

    • Additional dwellings on a property, including houses, cabins, yurts, etc.
    • Duplexes (including duplexing off a basement in an existing home)
    • Multiple residences on a single property of any size

    Under the 2021 code now in effect, single family homes and all of the above uses are listed as allowed-by-right.  These uses do require address, access, septic, a permanent water source, and state electrical permitting.

    The DCC has heard from large numbers of residents who are concerned this change from allowed-by-right to Limited Use Permits for additional dwellings, duplexes and communal living would negatively affect them.  This includes additional dwellings for children, farm workers, grandparents, mother in law units, rentals, affordable housing, and caregivers.

    Allowing additional residences also supports rental income for farmers and farmworker housing that avoids splitting up family farms, when most farmers retirement funds are tied up in the farm itself.  This supports long term agriculture in Delta County.  Under the proposed code, additional residences are to avoid impacts to irrigated farm ground.

    If this proposed change is concerning to you, please consider writing a short email, even one paragraph, to all 3 county commissioners asking the Board of County Commissioners to keep additional dwellings, duplexes, and communal living allowed-by-right in Delta County in the upcoming code revision, as they currently are designated under the existing 2021 code.

    Contact information for the county commissioners: “Mike Lane” <>, “Don Suppes” <>, “Wendell Koontz” <>

    Please consider forwarding a copy of your letter to after you send it to the county.